A rainy day from my window

2020 and 2021 have been pathetic for everyone. Most of the time, for everyone these 2 years have been a nightmare. As there was a total lockdown or the part in many countries due to COVID-19. Everyone with not much emergency had to stay at home either to follow the rule or to be safe from the disease. This series of photos are also the result of lockdown. As my bed was near a window, I used to encounter many incidents and used to think wish I had captured them. I had my camera but there were 2 reasons I could not go and pick it up; the first reason being, I only had a 50mm 1.8 portrait lens, but the composition I used to make in my mind used to be wide, and the second reason being the lockdown had made me lazy enough. One fine day it was raining, I just thought I will just be in this place and click pictures. I had managed to take some pictures from the same place and thought to move a floor down and click more pictures as I could imagine some compositions which were impossible from where I was sitting. These are the Images I liked from that “sitting with a camera near my window” day. I have always felt, in Nepal, the photos cannot be taken as we frame because of the haphazardly placed wires all over places.

These images were taken in a crop sensor Fujifilm camera, which I had borrowed from my brother. I loved the image quality of this camera. These images were taken with in-built black and white photo settings, which is the best feature I found in Fuji cameras.

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