Capturing the Essence: My Experience Photographing the Chhat Festival in Nepal

About Chhat Festival

The anticipation was palpable as I geared up for an unforgettable experience, set to photograph the vibrant CHHAT festival in Nepal. Chhat festival is celebrated by Hindus from around the world but mainly by people from the Terai Region of Nepal and the Northern part of India. In Kathmandu people who celebrate Chhat gather along the banks of rivers around Kathmandu valley mainly Bagmati. Having never witnessed this celebration before, I was eager to capture the spirit and energy that surrounded the festivities. The venue, Gaurighat, nestled near the revered Guhiyeshwori and Pashupatinath, provided a picturesque backdrop for the cultural extravaganza. This was the second day of Chhat, where people prepared offerings of fruits, sweets nuts etc. People had brought all these offerings on the banks of the river and watched the sun going down. The air was filled with excitement as people brought offerings, lit traditional Diyas, and adorned the area with electronic lights. The festive atmosphere was further enhanced by an array of food stalls, offering a sensory delight to all who attended. On the next day early morning, they wait for the sun to rise and they pray.

Camera Gear I used

Armed with my trusty Canon 6D Mark II and a versatile 24-70mm lens, I was ready to capture the essence of the Chhat festival. The dynamic capabilities of this equipment allowed me to capture both the intricate details and the grandeur of the celebrations. From candid moments to the vibrant colors of the rituals, my camera was poised to document the festival’s every nuance. I still missed one telephoto lens at least 70-200mm would be the best as I could see many potential portraits being missed at the festival.

As I delved into the festivities, I was delighted to find that my colleagues Sakshyam and Deepan from the office were also present, equipped with their cameras. The shared enthusiasm for capturing the cultural richness of Chhat further heightened the sense of friendship. Together, we aimed to create a visual tapestry that would reflect the spirit of this cherished festival.

While merging through the crowd with my camera in hand, I encountered a few individuals who misunderstood my presence. Some assumed I was there to click photos and charge money for photographs. In an effort to dispel any misconceptions, I approached a few families, offering to capture their special moments without any monetary expectations. I clicked photographs with genuine joy, assuring them that the images would be shared without any cost. My primary focus was to document the festival’s beauty and share it with a broader audience

As the Chhat festival unfolded before my lens, it became more than just a photographic venture; it transformed into a cultural immersion. The vibrancy, the traditions, and the shared moments with fellow photographers created memories that transcended the visual captures. The CHHAT festival, with its rich tapestry of rituals and celebrations, left an indelible mark on my heart, and I look forward to sharing this visual journey with others who may not have had the opportunity to witness this cultural spectacle firsthand.

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